Supreme Chevrolet - Not finished work in timely manner

Baton Rouge, Louisiana 0 comments

My car was brought to Supreme Chevrolet in Prairieville on Oct.25, 2012 for them to do repairs from an auto accident on Aug.

19, 2012. The adjustors report said they had 7 days to complete work. Well i brought it in when they got the parts in so it wouldn't be there any longer than it had to be. Well it has been 1 freakin thing after another with them.

This coming Thursday Nov. 15, 2012 will be 3 *** weeks & i am pissed! I understand they found additional work that had to be okayed before getting done but i don't believe they handled it in a timely manner. Because of that i have had to ask for rides to work or wherever i needed to go longer than i should have & idk what to do about it @ this point.

All i know is they have had my car almost 3 weeks & when myself or my husband calls its same ole story.I just need for somebody to tell me what to do about this cause this is the 1st time i have ever had to deal with this.

Review about: 2003 Honda Element.

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